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Deoh is a self taught DJ. He came to London at the young age of 16 with DJing constantly on his mind, it wasn’t until he went to the University of Plymouth that he started DJing at house parties, as well as regularly filling up his spare time practicing his hobby. Deoh boasts some of the best DJ residences in the UK. This includes his main residency at Number 1 Bar in London Bridge every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He has also become a frequent guest DJ at El Barrio in Edinburgh and Glasgow after keeping the dance floor jumping 5 days week at El Barrio back in 2010. DJ Deoh has now been working the London nightclubs for 10 years as well as all around Europe - from Paris to Mallorca, Barcelona to Oslo and Poland to Madrid. One of Deoh’s biggest achievements and proudest moments to date was DJing to a crowd of over 5,000 people on the beaches of Gdańsk in Poland at the Orange World Music Festival.

Coming from Ecuador Deoh uses a lot of latin influences which are infused throughout his music. This helped him become extremely popular and a quick favourite when he started DJing Monday to Saturday every week for 2 years at Fiesta Havana in Fulham back in 2011. Deoh has built his skills through hard work and dedication to his music production and has recently introduced video DJing into his set over the last two years; adding a great amount of visuals to the atmosphere in the club. As well as achieving ‘Video DJ status’ Deoh is also extremely accomplished on the radio. After becoming a regular on a Latin Radio Station known as Rumba 106.5FM in 2016 he went back on the airwaves at Bailandofm which reaches out to all the Latinos not only in London or the UK, but all over the world.

For the past 3 years Deoh has started to do remixes and to produce his own music in genres such as Reggaeton and House. As the next step in his DJ career Deoh will carry on working harder to bring his own tracks to his sets.  Also has performed at the BPM stage at BPM DJ & Electronic Music Production Event in 2014.

Biography Written by BPM